straight up thug

carljweber carljweber at MSN.COM
Fri Jan 4 18:32:50 UTC 2002

Surf-lingering a daytime talkshow... the 13 year old girls who wanted to
have a baby -- be husbandless mothers to fatherless children. "Don't nobody
gonna' tell me what to do -- it's my body." The host says, "How ya gonna
raise the baby?"

She says, "Straight up thug."

elsewhere on the web
Yukmouth (a.k.a. Jerold Ellis Jr., Smoke-A-Lot). He explains why he is
called Yukmouth "My mouth if full of filth, flin, filth - that's why they
call me Yukmouth." He was born in the Bay and then raised in the East
Oakland streets. He has released one solo album called Thugged Out:
Abulation. He says what it is about "This is more grimy - it's straight for
the streets, straight up thug." Yukmouth has also had two album's with the
Luniz called Lunitik Music and Operation Stackola. Yukmouth is due to
release a new album called "Thug Lord"

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