Death by Chocolate

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Mon Jan 7 16:46:32 UTC 2002

    I was going through NEW YORK magazine, but didn't spot "tiramisu" through August 1981.

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE--4 May 1981, pg. 53, col. 1, "'Death by Chocolate' is the winning name of a losing item--a block of baked mousse (or so it seems) in a watery creme anglaise, and a couple of hopelessly misplaced strawberries."  At Auctions, 1406 Third Avenue at 80th Street.  A check of U.S. Patent and Trademarks shows the earliest "Death By Chocolate" from 1985.  A book with that title was published in 1992.  Turkey Hill used it as the name of an ice cream flavor.  I ate it and survived.

PENNE--3 August 1981, pg. 45, col. 1, "Penne (those oversize macaroni) with vodka and cream ($3.95) has a Hot-as Hades kick one night."

BACON CHEESEBURGER--11 May 1981, pg. 48, col. 2, "...$4.95 for a bacon cheeseburger...."  "...tiropitta ('little cheese pies with salad, $4) turned out to be two very large cheese pies with flaking, steaming crust."  At the Wild Bunch Wine Bar, 82 Bank Street.

BAKED POTATO SKINS--20 April 1981, pg. 74, col. 3, "The graveyard menu (from 11:30 P.M. on) artfully caters to after-theater whims with baked potato skins...."

PARTYWARE--3 November 1980, pg. 37, col. 3, "The Gifford Philosophy of Partyware."

CHINESE FOOD NAMES--27 October 1980, pg. 70, col. 2, "...with such names as 'Hundred Birds Worshipping the Queen Phoenix' or 'Pandas at Play.'"

PIGWHICH--15 September 1980, pg. 35, col. 1, "The contents of an unfortunate grilled sandwich, unfortunately named 'pigwhich,' are a slice of ham cut from a waterlogged block, Swiss Cheese from Brooklyn (or Austria), and slices of tomato--the dish is almost rescued by the toasted bron bread within which it is assembled."

GOAT'S MILK ICE CREAM--15 September 1980, pg. 42, col. 3, "Goat's milk ice cream is a health-food atrocity.  Imagine feta-cheese ice cream and you have imagined goat's milk ice cream."

ZUCCHINI CHIPS--15 September 1980, pg. 54, col. 3, "Don't forget to order the perfect, grease-free fried zucchini chips ($3.75)."  Usually zucchini "sticks."

OREO MILK SHAKE--25 August 1980, pg. 65, col. 1, "And while you fork into French pastry, they can indulge in Yvonne's latest discovery: the Oreo milk shake."  Nah, I'll wait until Oreo ice cream is discovered.

DENVER CHOCOLATE CAKE--29 October 1979, pg. 81, col. 3, "The Denver chocolate cake was a puddle by the time it arrived, but even that was good."

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