Baked Potato Skins

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>     I was going through NEW YORK magazine  <snip>
>  BAKED POTATO SKINS--20 April 1981, pg. 74, col. 3, "The graveyard menu
> (from 11:30 P.M. on) artfully caters to after-theater whims with baked
potato skins.
> ..."

Circa 1980 there was an overpriced restaurant in Roslyn, Virginia named "The
Pawn Shop".  (At one time Roslyn was the pawnshop district for Washington
DC).  A restaurant reporter for one of the local newspapers (I don't remember
if it were the Post or the now-defunct Star) went there and reported that
while they served potato skins, there was nothing on the menu that seemed to
use the rest of the potatoes.  Upon further checking s/he discovered that the
Pawn Shop bought already-prepared potato skins (presumably frozen) from some

(I am fairly sure of the date since my wife and I went there while we were
still dating and we both agreed not to return.)

Hence circa 1980 "baked potato skins" were available from restaurant
suppliers and it might be possible to find ads or other mentions in
food-service magazines from that era.

           - Jim Landau

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