Regionalisms, New York vs. Chicago - Re: Death by Chocolate

Grant Barrett monickels at MAC.COM
Tue Jan 8 03:50:24 UTC 2002

On 1/7/02 14:29, "James McIntosh" <jemcinto at IDIRECT.CA> wrote:

> People in New York refer to "penne" and "penne rigate" ("penne", with
> ridges), yet do not think of this as a regionalism.
> People in Chicago refer to "mostaccioli", (spelling uncertain), yet do not
> think of this as a regionalism.
> They are the same thing.
> In a boundary region between the two, you can sometimes see in groceries and
> supermarkets packages of pasta labelled as both "penne" and "mostaccioli".

While it may be true the penne and mostaccioli (which is the correct
spelling, as far as I can tell), are often the same thing, the *dish*
mostaccioli (pronounced something like /musk- at -choe-lee/ in St. Louis), is
not necessarily made with penne/mostaccioli. This picture illustrates the
way I have often seen it (it's very akin to lasagna, but without as much
cheese and with tubular rather than flat noodles):

This page calls them "stovepipe noodles":

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