Jury-Mander; She-E-O; Warmedy

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Tue Jan 8 23:58:05 UTC 2002


   A pun on "gerrymander."
   In New York City, we had something called the Crown Heights riots, where a Black killed a Jew (in 1991).  The Black man's conviction got over turned because, actually in an attempt to be fair, one Black and one Jew were added to the jury.
   From today's NEW YORK POST, 8 January 2002, pg. 6, col. 2:

   That "jury-mandering" by Trager "violates even the most minimal standards of the (jury-selection) process," two judges, Guido Calabresi and Fred Parker, wrote in the 109-page decision.


   Patricio Russo was named CEO of Lucent Technologies.  Carly Fiorina and others are mentioned in the story.  The NEW YORK POST headline?  From 8 January 2002, pg. 3, col. 1:



   My guess is the tv critic of the WASHINGTON POST, but e-mail Marvin Kitman of NEWSDAY.  I gave him credit for "begathon," and he might know "warmedy."

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