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RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Wed Jan 9 19:20:29 UTC 2002

The ADS web page is in dire need of updating. I mentioned this several months
ago, and nothing has been done in the interim. I'm delighted that we have
been able--in just a few days--to get posted the information about our latest
word-of-the-year. However:

•I think it is at least as important that the web page indicate that PADS is
one of our publications (so far as I can see, PADS is not listed anywhere)!
There should be a sidebar listing of "Monograph Series" along with "American
Speech" "Calls" "Etc." (clicking on "Monograph Series" should link the seeker
to a list of current and projected PADS, and a further link to a list of ALL
past PADS) together with information on how to acquire them separately,
perhaps through a link with Duke Press)--AND PADS SHOULD AT LEAST BE LISTED
UNDER "Publications"!

•I think it is also at least as important that the web page indicate who are
officers are (e.g., I have not been president for over a year now, but I'm
still listed as president).

•I think it is at least as important that the price of dues for membership be
correctly listed (it is not).

•I think it is at least as important that the listing of Calls for Papers be
up to date (We currently list ONLY [1] VIEW 2000: Variation Is Everywhere
14-16 September, 2000; [2] Gullah: A Linguistic Legacy of Africans in America
 *A Conference on the 50th Anniversary of Africanisms in the Gullah Dialect,
Friday, November 3, 2000; [3] the 2000 NWAV conference at Michigan State
University); and [4] the MLA Present-Day English Discussion Group is seeking
papers for its
session at the 2000 MLA Conference, Dec. 27-30, in Washington, DC.).
     Apparently we didn't have any information here about the 2002 meeting
before it happened--and there is certainly no information about important
upcoming meetings.

I suggest that the Executive Secretary find a volunteer to act as Director of
Content for the Web page. Our web page is now the chief way that the public
sees us. Presenting misinformation, no information, and out-fo-date
information really makes us look foolish.

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