Ruth Brend dies

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Thu Jan 10 12:44:03 UTC 2002

ADS Colleagues,

Here at Michigan State, Ruth's old home, we were sad indeed to learn
of her death. She was, until her death, a very active person in
linguistics. When I came here more than  a decade ago, I found a
little badge in my desk drawer with a green ribbon and a typed ID. It
read "Ruth Brend, Secretary to Kenneth L. Pike." I knew my new desk
had been Ruth's old one. I got to know her very well during my early
Michigan days, and I admired her very much.


>I am not sure how many members of ADS knew her.  Ruth Brend was a
>longstanding member of the International Linguistic Association
>(formerly the Linguistic Circle of New York).  It is with sadness that
>I pass along the notice of her death last Tuesday evening.
>barnhart at


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