"I Love New York" (December 1975)

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   Milton Glaser gets a lot of credit for "I (heart) New York," now everywhere once again.  He didn't think up the words--which were given to him for a 1977 campaign.  He came up with the "heart symbol."  I coulda done that!
   This was around the time of New York's fiscal crisis of 1975.  "Big Apple" grew in popularity at this time also.
   Where did the buttons and the idea come from?  From NEW YORK magazine, 1 December 1975, pg. 79, col. 1:

(On a white button--ed.)

_How Much Is That City_
_In the Window?_
Designer Norma Kamali was so sickened by the anti-New York commercials on L.A. television that she came home determined to do _something_.  So she picked herself up and went around inspiring the shopkeepers near her--on Madison between 60th and 72nd, on First between 50th and 51st, and on 60th between Second and Third--to do pro-New York windows for two weeks.  They agreed.  They also agreed to give away the I LOVE NEW YORK buttons that Norma designed and Halston has been handing out.
_WINDOWS/November 24-December 6_

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