Eric and PNW dialect

Mon Jan 14 19:23:19 UTC 2002

I can give you several items. These are all very old, but there really has not been much published on the PNW.
Reed, Carroll E.  "The Pronunciation of English in the Pacific Northwest."
    Language 37:4 (1961): 559-564.
-----.  'The Pronunciation of English in the State of Washington.'  American Speech 27:2 (1952): 186-189.
-----.  "The Pronunciation of English in the Pacific Northwest."  Orbis 6 (1957). I will have to find the page numbers
-----.  The Dialects of American English.   1977. Amhurst: University of Massachusetts Press.

Reed also did an article on vocab, the citation of which I do not have here.

The atlas of the PNW has been divided into two parts-Washington/Idaho  and Oregon.  I am working on the Oregon part, so may not have exactly what you want.  I also have a stack of worksheets that I had folks do about 2 years ago.
For Websites, have a look at this site (I think this is the name): the Phonological Atlas of North America.

Of course, you will want to consider the Chinook Jargon.  I have an article in preparation on Chinook Jargon in Modern English.
I hope this helps. What are you looking for specifically?
Fritz Juengling
>>> Joan Houston Hall <jdhall at FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU> 01/14/02 07:36AM >>>
Can anyone help him?
>I'm interested in learning more about dialects of the Pacific Northwest,
>particularly the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Do you know of any
>good Web-based resources?

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