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> At 10:27 AM -0500 1/16/02, Baker, John wrote:
>>         It doesn't seem to have made it into the dictionaries yet (well,
>>         I checked AHD4 and the OED), but its meaning and usefulness are
>> obvious.  From a story on E! Online today:
>>         >> Felicity, starring Russell as angsty New York college gal
>>         >> Felicity
>> Porter and costarring Scott Speedman and Scott Foley, has had its brushes
>> with cancellation since its 1998 debut. <<
> Useful, but subject to misparsing (with final stress and long "y").

Contrasts with 'angst-ridden'.  Sylvia Plath was 'angst-ridden'--Felicity
is simply angsty.  Does this work:

young person : angsty :: middle-aged person : neurotic?


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