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   The last I heard was what I read in the WALL STREET JOURNAL about two years ago.  I thought Jesse Sheidlower or Bethany Dumas would add an answer here.

PASTA FAZOOLE (continued)

   FWIW, a spelling of this dish is in the NEW YORK DAILY MIRROR, 26 January 1940, pg. 31, col. 1:

   He is slipping like a fly in a glue pot and the sale of pasta fazoole in Naples.

O.K. SIGN (continued)

   When I checked the book stand at the airport in Cuba, a book had the "O.K." sign on the cover.
   The sign, shifted 90 degrees, is in the NEW YORK DAILY MIRROR, 23 January 1940, pg. 26, col. 1 (illustration above this):

   "Certainment!" snapped the late Champs de Elysses boulevardier, holding up his thumb and two fingers in a snuff-pinching attitude to impress on me the full import of his words.
   "Ixnay on the double talk?" he said.

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