401(k) "Lockdown"; "Macadamia" nutty

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Thu Jan 17 00:24:39 UTC 2002


   From today's WALL STREET JOURNAL, 16 January 2002, pg. C1, col. 2:

_"Lockdowns" of 401(k) Plans Draw Scrutiny_
   Last fall, amid the growing news of financial woes at the energy-trading company, Enron officials "locked down" the employee retirement-savings plan to make administrative changes.
   ...Sen. Charles Grassley (R., Iowa), a ranking member of the Finance Committee, says his staff is exmining lockdowns, which also are known as "blackouts" and "quiet periods."

MACADAMIA (continued)

   OED supposedly has revised "m," so I assumed that its "macadamia" entry was perfect.  I didn't look anywhere else.
   But what the hay, I turned to THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL DICTIONARY (Oxford University Press, 1988).  My 1893 citation isn't there, but "macadamia" has citations from 1857, 1880, and 1927.  These couldn't make the OED?
   Who revised this OED entry?

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