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You are hereby challenged to see What the Media doen't want you to know.

The Truth about Abortion with your own eyes.


What you will never see on TV.

Its not a blob of tissue.  Every scientist , even those for abortion, will
tell you that life begins at conception.  Once the egg and sperm join there
is human life.

Why won't the media show you this?

They show open heart surgery, liver transplants and other operations on tv
and cable.

Why not an abortion?

You can watch real videos online from former abortion doctors who have
performed up to 75000 abortions, hear what they have to say about abortion.

Did you know that abortion is perfectly legal through all nine months of
pregnancy, including the day of birth?

Did you know that in most states a child under the age of 16 can get an
abortion without their parents knowing?

Anyone can plainly see that we are killing our own.

On September 11th 5000 people were killed.  Abortion in the US alone kills
over 4000 children per day that's an average of one innocent unborn human
murdered every 22 seconds!

An entire genertion has been slaughtered.

Overpopulation is a myth, back room abortions are a falsehood propagated by
the money mongers of the industry.

See it for yourself.

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