SI Cover Jinx; Ants on a Log

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Thu Jan 17 15:22:33 UTC 2002


        I think you're missing something here.  When I log into the OED
(which I access on a cost-effective basis through the Quality Paperback Book
Club, and search for Macadamia, it presents a listing beginning
with the 1904 cite, but there is also a button marked "Later" at the upper
right corner of the screen.  When I click that button, it presents a "NEW
EDITION:  draft entry Mar. 2000," and the draft entry includes cites from
1857 and 1927.

John Baker

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>    Oh c'mon Fred, stop arguing the ridiculous.  The revised OED entry is
> bad.  They didn't "pick and choose" to lead with 1904 rather than 1858 or
> 1880 or 1893.
>    And I never said that every word from everywhere in the world must be
> in the OED.
>    And yes, I know that AMERICAN SPEECH note on "86" was prepared before I
> posted on "86" in December.  But it's a bad note anytime.

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