"weapons-grade" -- another figurative use, plus "heart"

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Fri Jan 18 03:51:26 UTC 2002

At 4:28 PM +0000 1/18/02, Lynne Murphy wrote:
>--On Friday, January 18, 2002 11:12 am +0800 Laurence Horn
><laurence.horn at YALE.EDU> wrote:
>>Maybe it's just me, but another possible interpretation of the <butt>
>>relation (especially with Russell Crowe as object) is that it's the
>>antonym (rather than southerly intensifier) of <heart>.  Of course,
>Hmmm...can a picture have an 'antonym'?
Probably not, but a relation (whether it's represented lexically or
graphically) can.


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