Nebraskans/Standard English

Steve Hicks Hixmaddog at AOL.COM
Fri Jan 18 19:45:03 UTC 2002

As far as "best" speech relates to

Walter Cronkite's from Leavenworth, Kansas
(and we Kansans always thought the "purity"
of Kansas speech had something to do with
his success.  LOL...or maybe Kansas is simply
too close to Nebraska....?)

Or....what regional variety did Dan Rather learn
when he jettisoned his "Texas" accent ?  Maybe
that points to what journalists themselves con-
sider "best" ?

Did Peter Jennings make any adjustments of his
speech when he came from the CBC ?  If not, is
a "Canadian" accent the best "American" accent ?

                                                             Steve Hicks

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