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I don't think anyone tries to emulate Peter Jennings, who is distinctly
eastern Canadian.  In fact, I think the idea that newscasters try to
emulate any of these bigwigs is a myth put forward by the schools of
journalism and broadcasting.

At 02:45 PM 1/18/02 -0500, you wrote:
>As far as "best" speech relates to
>Walter Cronkite's from Leavenworth, Kansas
>(and we Kansans always thought the "purity"
>of Kansas speech had something to do with
>his success.  LOL...or maybe Kansas is simply
>too close to Nebraska....?)
>Or....what regional variety did Dan Rather learn
>when he jettisoned his "Texas" accent ?  Maybe
>that points to what journalists themselves con-
>sider "best" ?
>Did Peter Jennings make any adjustments of his
>speech when he came from the CBC ?  If not, is
>a "Canadian" accent the best "American" accent ?
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