Margarita (1953? 1956?); Dirty Rice (1954)

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MARGARITA (continued)

   Thanks for clearing up how OED online works.  I didn't know that the "simple search" doesn't include any of the new material.  Who designed the computer program like that?  Why?
   I tested the revised entry of "Margarita," and pressed the "LATER" button.  The first citation is 1956.
   However, when I posted it on ADS-L, I clearly said 1953.  Huh??

DIRTY RICE (continued)

   I re-checked DARE, and it has 1967 for "dirty rice."
   So, I brief check of Louisiana cookbooks in this apartment, and:

Bonanza Books, NY

(Maryland's Louisiana Cookery?  Isn't that like New York's Texas Toast?--ed.)

Pg. 206:
   Cook one cup of rice for fifteen minutes in fowl stock.  Add to it cooked, chopped fowl liver or a generous slice of chopped, cooked calf liver.  Add four sliced hard-boiled eggs.  (Serves four.)

Pg. 346 (Appendix):
Dirty rice   A Cajun dish of rice cooked with bits of liver.

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