Mammaliga (1808)

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   When baseball relief pitchers warm up, they get their arms loose.  I've heard "loose-y goose-y" there.


   The revised OED has 1820, and then 1878.
   From the same CAMPENHAUSEN'S TRAVELS (1808), pg. 54:

   The daily food of the peasants in Moldavia and Bessarabia, consists of a dish made of meal mixed with butter, fat, or milk, which is called Mammaliga.  Such of them as are at their ease, make this dish more palatable by mixing balls of boiled millet with it, and it is then called Malay.  They have a kind of vegetable soup, which is called poreryack.  The bread which the peasants and Tatars eat is made of barley, which, in Moldavian, is called kyta, and, in the language of the Tatars, arpaetmeck.

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