Mai-Tai (1961)

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   As everyone knows, "Trader Vic" (Victor Bergeron) created the "Mai-Tai" in 1944.  It says so in his 1972 book.
   I checked the revised OED entry, and the first cite is 1963!  Under "etymology," OED notes that Mai Tai is not in Trader Vic's 1947 drink book.
   I got out my GOURMET index.  The following should be checked ("Mai Tai" could have been mentioned without a full recipe):

September 1952, GOURMET
_Trader Vic's Recipes_
Coconut Cream...55
Roast Pig...55
Scorpion Punch...53

July 1959, GOURMET
_Trader Vic's Drinks_  (No "Mai Tai"--ed.)
Daiquiri, Trader Vic's...26
Pino Pepe...27
Punch, Gin Club...26
Punch, Tonga...26
Shark's Tooth...27
Syrup, Bar...27
Tahitian Pearl...27

July 1961, GOURMET
Mai-Tai Royal Hawaiian...44


JOHNNY MAZETTE--This spelling is in CASSEROLE TREASURY by Lousene Rousseau Brunner (Harper & Row, NY, 1964), pg. 197.

CHICKEN JERSUSALEM--In GOURMET, October 1955, pg. 69.

CHICKEN TAJ MAHAL--In GOURMET, September 1958, pg. 59.

MOCHA--Jesse Sheidlower asked about this.  "Mocha" is a separate heading in the recipe index in GOURMET, March 1958.

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