Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Mon Jan 21 14:13:18 UTC 2002

"This close" is a bit more precise (and a bit closer) than "yea
close" (or "bout yea close").


>>Does anyone have any information about its provenance, parentage, and
>>probable distribution? If it is spoken, how is it distinguished from
>>the two words said separately? (I have a mental image of the speaker
>>holding up a hand with the first and second fingers pressed together,
>>but is it augmented by some vocal emphasis?)
>I don't have any real information but I agree that "thisclose" meaning
>"very close" is meant to accompany some kind of minimizing gesture. Both
>syllables would be expected to be stressed relative to context ... and
>about equally, I think. Quick Web search shows numerous examples: e.g.,
>-- Doug Wilson

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