"Comfort Camp" & 9-11; "Editrix" Tina Brown

Jesse Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Tue Jan 22 01:33:23 UTC 2002

>  TALK magazine folded in a sea of red ink.  Several stories
> mentioned "editrix" Tina Brown.  OED doesn't have it.
> Merriam-Webster doesn't have it, either, but suggests searching
> "editress."

I wrote a short article about this word in Esquire a few years
ago. I think OED has an early twentieth century quote in the
files, and I'd be surprised if we couldn't find a much earlier
one now.

> FWIW: David Shulman brought "editrix" to my attention.  He was
>supposed to meet with Ralph Carlson of OUP about a Steve Brodie book,
>but Carlson never showed up.  Shulman is friends with a table-tennis
>guy who's writing a book for Harold Evans who's married to Tina
>Brown.  Shulman wants to meet with Evans this week.

Carlson has been trying to get in touch with Shulman but Shulman is
never in and his residence won't take messages. If Popik knows a
good way to get in touch with him Shulman would be grateful.


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