The Finger/the birdbi

carljweber carljweber at MSN.COM
Tue Jan 22 23:07:54 UTC 2002

Paul M. Johnson said,
Does anyone else remember the fifties, in Chicago, when, when giving the
"finger", it was common to say, "Perch on this"?   Thereby neatly tying
together bird and finger.

That's me. In addition there was a little word-play on "perch" (as the
familiar fish you go down and catch off Navy Pier, among other places). "Do
ya like to fish? Perch on this."

Are there any languages where a "gan-" named bird brings the baby instead of
the stork? Isn't Ganz* = bastard? I see that I was a bit geo-centric in
thinking "the bird" was well known to be the goose.


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