Posting problems

Jesse Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Wed Jan 23 20:51:04 UTC 2002

Yesterday I announced that I had restricted the posting rights on
ADS-L to people who were subscribed to the list. This has had
some unfortunate consequences for some people who are genuine
members of the list but who have been unable to post.

The general reason for this is that the Listserv program looks to
see if the originating account is exactly the same as the subscribed
account. If there are differences, even slight ones, the post will
be rejected. For example, if your basic mail address is something
like john at, and you subscribe with that address, but
you actually post from an English department server that gives you
the address john at, the post will be rejected.
Similarly, if you have aliasing of your name, so that your account
is under "jts24 at" but you usually use "john.smith at"
for convenience, the post will be rejected.

If your post is rejected, the rejection message will go to you only,
and not to me or Terry. The best solution is for you to unsubscribe
under the current address and resubscribe under the correct address.
If you have difficulty doing this or are uncertain about the process,
please e-mail me or Terry.

Sorry for any confusion. I do think that the change will have a real
affect on the amount of spam on the list. There is, as I mentioned,
an intermediate solution that we can try if this change causes too
many problems with posting.


Jesse Sheidlower
co-listowner, ADS-L

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