Donald M Lance lancedm at MISSOURI.EDU
Sun Jan 27 17:23:07 UTC 2002

Sam & Bud Walton and Kenneth Lay grew up in Boone County MO and attended the
same high school and university. I don't think Bud Walton finished college,
but he might have.  Sam and Ken had the same economics professor, who was
later appointed by Richard Nixon to head the Federal Power Commission.
There is now a Kenneth L. Lay Chair of international economics at the
University of Missouri for which they are now taking applications (and a
chair honoring their professor, also funded by Lay).  No Walton chair yet,
but one will surely come.  Bud's daughters' husbands are big into sports,
one with the St. Louis Rams, the other having recently given 25 mil to the
University of Missouri to build a second basketball arena, which will no
doubt match the Walton Arena down in Fayetteville AR.  As for what these
guys learned in classes at MU, you might ask former mom & pop store owners
about one and ask former employees about the other, he said walayingly.

Now for the language part of the posting.  As treasurer of an organization,
at a Board meeting yesterday, I had occasion to say something about taking
an Enron around some problem.  Which made me wonder whether you word sleuths
have searched for such uses in print by people whose coinages are more
likely than mine to make their way into general use.


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