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Arnold Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Mon Jan 28 02:41:23 UTC 2002

bethany dumas writes, in reply to me:
 >I am not sure what you mean by the national edition - or are you
 >talking about the print edition? - anyway, the online edition is
 >fre[e]. You just have to register.

by "national edition" i mean what the NYT labels its "National
Edition", the edition(s) of the paper distributed outside the new york
area.  and yes, old troll that i am, i meant print editions.

i never said the online edition wasn't free.  i just said you had to
register.  i admit to being wary of registration; once you register,
either they start sending you other stuff, or, eventually, they ask
for money to go on.  (otherwise, what's the point of registration?)

i'm not particularly happy registering in order to get [apparently]
simple access.  for one thing, each registration means a userid and
a password, and i already have between two and three hundred of these
to keep track of.  [only a few years ago it was 50-100.  i expect
that soon it will approach a thousand.  well, by then, we'll all
just use our social security numbers, i guess.]

grumbly, the eighth dwarf

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