Kimchee (1889)

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Mon Jan 28 04:13:50 UTC 2002

   OED and Merriam-Webster both have 1898 for "kimchee" or "kimchi," a national dish of Korea.
   Harper's Weekly online has 12 January 1889:

   If labor in Corea is cheap, so also is living.  A meal of soup, meat, kimchee, a sort of _sauer-kraut_, with a compote of persimmon, can be procured for fifty cash--scarcely more than four cents!

HEY, RUBE!--I just noticed that OED has 1882.  For some reason, the RHHDAS didn't pick this up.

HAROLD EVANS--David Shulman is meeting with him at 12:30 p.m. tomorrow at the NYPL.  I don't want to see Evans.  It was ten years ago that I approached Tina Brown's NEW YORKER with "the Big Apple."  No one would speak to me.  Then I did "New Yorker."  Still, no one at the NEW YORKER would speak to me.  Then it occurred to me that no matter what I did or how hard I worked, I would never make any money at all.

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