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   Here is a message I received today on "wicket bat"---Gerald Cohen

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>Subject: [19cBB] Helen and the Wicket Bat
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>Gentle Nineteeners --
>I laughed and laughed when I stumbled on
>the site that shows Helen and her wicket
>bat a couple of nights ago, and thank
>Dave Ball for posting it.  The site,
>by the way, advertises a physician in
>the Arizona area.  Go figure.
>Let's see.  She lives in Lake Havasu.
>Isn't that where they uncrated London
>Bridge and rebuilt it across a fake
>pond?  Do you think the wicket bat
>had been put in the crate in merrie
>old England?  [There can be no truth,
>of course, to any rumor that Helen
>herself came with the crates.]
>[Nor, one assumes, can there me any
>truth to any speculation that the
>whole notion of a wicket bat came to
>Helen's husband, who could not have
>become tired of hearing, late at
>night, Helen saying she's sorry but
>she had a "wicket bat headache."
>But we digress.]
>I also googled a now broken site that
>apparently claimed that an old alum
>of Hobart College in Geneva, NY,
>recalled that all they used to have
>on campus for activity was swimming
>in nearby Seneca Lake and playing
>wicket ball on campus.  [Now, how
>exactly does one cite a broken www
>And, google, says, there is such a
>thing as a "wicket bat willow" tree.
>Ya gotta love google.
>G'night, Helen.
>Larry McCray
>Baseball in Washington in my daughter's lifetime!
>email:mccrayL at bellatlantic.net
>Arlington, Virginia

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