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-- nfogli at IOL.IT
Wed Jan 30 21:21:11 UTC 2002

FWIW, I came up with a few citations of "researches" while looking
through a database of Canadian print articles dating back to the mid-
and late-Nineties:

- According to researchers at Yale University, the two smells American
adults recognize most easily are coffee and peanut butter,which isn't
surprising considering North American dietary habits. No. 18 on that
list of familiar smells shouldn't come as any surprise, either. It's
that unmistakable waxy odour of Crayola crayons. Those Yale
intellectuals didn't extend their RESEARCHES north of the border,
but it's probably pretty safe to say that that Crayola smell is just
as recognizable to Canadians.

- The RESEARCHES have found that, while some large male bears will seek
out human habitation, feeding at garbage dumps and scavenging rom camp
sites, others can be classified as back-country bears, which avoid
human contact.

- What shocked Zavaglia in his RESEARCHES was "the way so many people
turned on their Italian-Canadian neighbors and friends."

- Holden's RESEARCHES took him three times to Russia where he
discovered continuing roadblocks despite the new climate of freedom
following the fall of Communism.

- Trusting this evidently naive but enthusiastic visitor, Calvert
allowed Schliemann the benefit of all his RESEARCHES.


Dr. S. Roti

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