Grant Barrett vze36g5m at VERIZON.NET
Wed Jan 30 21:41:17 UTC 2002

What is "compered"? The OED suggests obsolete for compared or compeered. A
Google search turns up about 5,000 results, most of which used it like
"hosted by" or "emceed by" (such as in "John will be compering an evening if
light comedy" or "The show was compered by Martina") or are mispellings for
"compared." It's clearly a Britishism.,2763,641918,00.html

"Up in the roof, explains Nicola Stephenson from the Huddersfield-based arts
group Culture Company, a hidden camera spots the colour of a waiting
passenger's clothes and then triggers an audio sequence piped out of hidden
speakers in the scarlet walls.

"Each segment is compered by a woman's voice, sometimes soothing, sometimes
testy, just like the commuters below."

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