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Douglas Bigham TlhovwI at AOL.COM
Wed Jan 30 23:21:54 UTC 2002

Maybe it has nothing to do with re-analyzing the words.  For example, with
"box set", you buy a set of CD's that come in a box... a "box set".  Nothing
got "boxed", all (most) CD's are inherently "boxed" in their jewel cases.
"Box sets", however, are more often coming in an actual wooden(ish) box.
Even if it's only one CD, it can be a "box set".  REM's special edition of
"Automatic for the People" was described as a "box set" on the packaging just
because it came in wooden box.
I'm not saying "box set" and "boxed set" are necessarily two different terms
for different things, but the latter is possibily growing redundant.  Maybe
when LP's came in sleeves, it made more sense.

I have no opinion on "bottle water" except that it could be an effort to
distinguish from "tap water".  After all, bottled tap water could be "bottled

Douglas S. Bigham
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

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