"Windy CIty" wrong again! (JUST SHOOT ME!)

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Thu Jan 31 03:49:48 UTC 2002

   Neither the Dow Jones service nor Lexis/Nexis Universe seems to have full text of CHICAGO TRIBUNE.  The Tribune web site requires you to pay for over one week old articles.
   The NYPL main branch told me to check for the latest Tribune across the street.  The Mid-Manhattan Library's latest Chicago Tribune is from January 4th.  I told them that it's now January 30th.
   Anyway, a ProQuest (not full text, either) check of "Windy City" and "1893" or "nickname" turned up a January 22nd Chicago Tribune story by Jim Kirk (What context?) and this:

_Chicago Tribune_, Chicago, Ill.; January 18, 2002
Pg. 12
Dana, Charles: (1819-1897) Editor if the New York City Sun who, in 1893, weary...

   Carl Weber believes that I'll get redemption.  I don't believe that's possible after all these years.
   By the way, remember the Chicago Public Library?  Where "Windy City" is wrong on its web site in two places?  Remember, months ago, when I was told that the site would be corrected?  It hasn't been changed at all.
   Please, somebody, anybody, maybe Oprah, in the City of Chicago, buy a gun and shoot me.

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