Timewaster alert: Googlewhacking

Paul McFedries lists at MCFEDRIES.COM
Thu Jan 31 12:51:20 UTC 2002

Today's USA Today reports on a new pastime called "Googlewhacking." The idea
is that you use Google to search for sites that contain two words that you
specify (not a phrase; two separate words). The goal is to come up with a
two-word combination that's found on one and only one site. There are other
"rules" that make the game a bit more challenging:

1. The words must be in the dictionary.com dictionary (Google tells you this
by underlining the search terms on the left side of the blue "Results" bar).
2. Word lists don't count. That is, if you find only one site, but one or
both words exist only as part of a word list, the site is rejected.
3. Google sometimes "groups" similar pages, so make sure the Results bar
says "Results 1-1 of 1".

It's apparently quite addictive, so approach with caution. Here's the
Googlewhack page:



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