VFRs; Yukon Liquor; Just for the Halibut

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Mon Jul 1 07:31:53 UTC 2002

   Greetings from Valdez, Alaska...The bus driver pointed out a bar:  "That's where Joseph Hazelwood had his last drink in Alaska, before he left for New York."
   On my Alaska ferry was William H. Landram (wlandram at fhcrc.org) of Seattle.  He said that he previously taught English at the Univ. Of Wisconsin-Madison and worked on DARE in the 1960s.  DARE sometimes profiles its original workers; this is for their information.

VFRs--From an ad by the Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau in the TURNAGAIN TIMES, 6 June 2002, pg. 23, col. 2:  "Do you have VFRs visiting this year? ... Check out www.anchorage.net for super deals on activites, attractions, dining and more--everything you need to show your visiting friends and relatives (VFR's) a great time."  VFRs Visiting?  Is that like a PIN number?  How frequent is VFR on the databases?

POWER BAR/POWAH BAH--Someone from Massachusetts is on my tour.  He said he wasn't hungry; he just had a "powah bah."  Or maybe he ate a "polar bear"...We spent this entire afternoon on the "fairy."  Gay Pride Week, you know.

YUKON LIQUOR--This is the name of a store in Seward.  And I thought the University of Connecticut's "Yes, U. Conn.!" was bad.  Yukon Liquor?  I mean, is she attractive or what?

JUST FOR THE HALIBUT--Halibut and salmon are the big dinner choices here.  Someone at my table said he'd order it "just for the halibut."  Next, he'll probably tell me why they call it a "honeydew" melon.

JO JOs--We stocked up at an Eagle Supermarket (owned by Safeway).  It sold "savory jo jo wedges" and "Buffalo jo jo potatoes," both at $2.39 per lb.  I have to do more work on "Jo Jo."

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