..recently heard, pranked with room..

GSCole gscole at ARK.SHIP.EDU
Mon Jul 1 13:12:00 UTC 2002

Not sure if the following is jargon, but in a Whole Foods store in St.
Paul, MN, at the juice bar, a coffee was ordered "with room".  When I
asked about the meaning of 'with room', I was told that it meant to
leave room for the addition of cream or sugar or other additive, as
opposed to merely filling the container with coffee.

Another recently heard word, used at the PSU Hershey Medical Center, by
a secretary, is pranked, as in "we were just pranked".  She had answered
the telephone, and the caller was playing a joke, by pretending to be a
potential patient.

Yes, apparently, pranked is not all that new, with Google returning over
1,900 hits, but it was new to these aged ears.  And, the single word is
a little more efficient than using the statement "someone just tried to
play a prank".

The secretary realized that it was a prank call.  I'm not sure if the
word is used for both the situation where a prank is attempted, i.e.,
the respondent realizes that someone is trying to fool the respondent,
as well as the situation where the prank succeeds, i.e., the respondent
is fooled.

George Cole
Shippensburg University

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