evanescence of slang (was: An initial 4A N2...?)

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Mon Jul 1 22:20:56 UTC 2002

How about "booze"?


>>on 7/1/02 11:45 AM, Dave Wilton at dave at WILTON.NET wrote:
>>  > Another problem with defining "slang" is ephemerality. While most slang
>>>  terms are ephemeral, some (like "grass" and "threads") hang around for
>>>  decades. Slang is characterized by ephemerality, but it is not defined or
>>>  categorized by it. The same could probably be said for social groups and
>>  > slang usage.
>I always trot out "cool" as the longest-surviving lexical item that
>has retained its slang categorization.

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