Slang vs. Jargon (An initial 4A N2...?)

Douglas Bigham TlhovwI at AOL.COM
Tue Jul 2 17:43:35 UTC 2002

Not exactly...

>>You are claiming that SLANG and JARGON are mutually exclusive.  By my
>>definition of "jargon", they are not.  Some of the people in this thread
>>disagree with my definition of "jargon" also consider that a jargon
>>it is) can easily contain words that are obviously slang as well as words
>>that obviously are not.

I would not, actually, say that SLANG and JARGON are mutually exclusive.  I
tend to believe that jargon is a type of SLANG, but with much wider
boundaries group-wise and smaller boundaries society-wise.  A dime bag may
always be a dime bag, but it's still "slangy" in my mind.  But from here, the
point gets cyclical.

>>I'm interested in your use of "5-0" to mean police.  As far as I know, that
>>term comes from the title of the television show "Hawaii 5-0".  Is it in
>>general use?

Yes, I think this is general slang.  I've been running into it (and using it)
since the mid-90's.  I'm not sure if everyone knows that it came from the TV
show or not, but yeah.

And concerning aspirin... that's exactly why I wouldn't call "ecstasy" slang
for MDMA.  The slang term is either X (south) or E (east) in my experience,
but I would definitely call "ecstasy" standard.

Douglas S. Bigham
In Transition...

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