the oldest surviving slang

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What does 'sexual intercourse' mean? I always took it to be the kinda
formal equivalent of 'fuck.'


>         I suppose that, as we have already seen, there is real room
>for a difference of opinion on just what is slang.  In the case of
>"cunt," I think there's at least a good argument that it's slang for
>"vagina."  (Historically, of course, "cunt" at one point was
>standard English, as demonstrated by its c. 1400 use in a medical
>textbook.)  "Fuck," in the sexual sense, has no formal equivalent,
>although it's arguably slang when used as an intensified form of
>         If you take the position, implicit in some definitions, that
>slang requires an element of novelty, then neither word is slang.  I
>suspect, though, that a firm novelty requirement would narrow the
>universe of slang down a little too much for comfort.
>John Baker
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>I'm not sure I see "cunt" as principally
>slang, though, its appearance in RHHDAS notwithstanding.  Allen
>Walker Read (in his material on the F-word in the new publication)
>has some counterarguments, and a tracing of the word's history (back
>through the poetry of Wilmot, Earl of Rochester or the songs of
>Robbie Burns, inter many alia), would also lead me to question that

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