the oldest surviving slang

Paul Kusinitz kkmetron at COX.NET
Wed Jul 3 05:02:30 UTC 2002

Dennis first asked. 
Bethany referred him to Bill.
Bethany knows when to let another "expert" handle a query
she wouldn't touch, or rather, not touch with Denny.
She figures if he, especially as an adult linguistic scholar, 
doesn't know what sexual intercourse is by this time, 
he's beyond her salvation--or best efforts. 
Beyond her downright bloody interest. 
I lay odds 10-1 that even if Denny's parents gave him
2002 Ferrari and begs Bethany, he won't get into her pants
5-1 he doesn't know how. 

The guys are taking bets now.
(Don't you dare tell Den-Den.
He would have a shitfit.)

Love Paul
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  From: Bethany K. Dumas 
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  On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Dennis R. Preston wrote:

  >What does 'sexual intercourse' mean? I always took it to be the kinda
  >formal equivalent of 'fuck.'

  Ask Bill.


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