Grits: singular or plural?

Rick H Kennerly Rick at MOUSEHERDER.COM
Wed Jul 3 10:08:59 UTC 2002

|o| Here's a question for the true Southerners on our list, sent to me by a
|o| former Alabaman:

I can see why she's a former Alabaman.  I don't know who taught her her
manners because she should have learned this as a child as part of her
Southern survival skills.  Said with the wrong inflection, grit, in the
singular, would get a person shot down south.  But grits is grits, girl, in
any amount of you can manage to spoon out of the bowl and onto your plate.
Cheese grits with a splash of Tabasco green sauce for breakfast; Ham, grits
and red-eye gravy for lunch; & Fried Chicken and greens with grits fried in
pot likker for dinner.  Add a side of fried pickles to make dinner really
special if company's coming.


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