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Another example of facing the music (celestial choir?).  Apparently, in
some areas it was the custom to face a choir, while singing.

>From MOA-Michigan --

George Winfred Hervey, 1856. The Principles of Courtesy: With Hints and
Observations on Manners and Habits, p.141.

[A discussion of the practice of facing the choir, while it is singing,
but it is less than clear (on following pages) that the author is an
advocate of the practice of the worshipers facing the choir.];cc=moa;xc=1;sid=d2afa32c8cdcefc68bc996a44741bae0;q1=face%20the%20choir;idno=AJF2358.0001.001;view=image;seq=0141

William Taylor, 1859.  Seven Years' Street Preaching in San Francisco,
California; Embracing Incidents, Triumphant Death Scenes, etc., p.128.

"... and I and my wife always went in (to church) just as the
congregation turned to face the choir....";cc=moa;xc=1;sid=d2afa32c8cdcefc68bc996a44741bae0;q1=face%20the%20choir;idno=AJG9120.0001.001;view=image;seq=0136

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