"Commute" in European languages?

Prof. Peter Lucko Peter.Lucko at RZ.HU-BERLIN.DE
Thu Jul 4 11:17:59 UTC 2002

> "Commute" in European languages?
> The fellow who coined the term "telecommuting" in 1973 has told me that in
> the early 80s he started using the word "telework," instead, because most
> European languages didn't have an equivalent for the verb "commute" (in the
> sense of to travel regularly to and from one's place of work). This seems
> surprising since this sense of "commute" has been in the English language
> for over a hundred years. Does his assertion seem plausible?

German has "pendeln", from the swing of the pendulum, with commuters being "Pendler", or sometimes - a little bit more explicit - "Berufspendler".
P. Lucko

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