Mojo & Jojo potatoes (1960); Couch potatoes (1976)

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Thu Jul 4 15:07:20 UTC 2002


    Greetings from New York City.  I rushed right to my John Mariani
potatoes.  Neither work has an entry!  Nothing on this American food! has a discussion of it.  Someone said it might be related to
"mojo" potatoes.
   A check for "jojo" potatoes on the USPTO web site surprisingly turns up
   However, "mojo" potatoes were trademarked and first used in 1960 by the
popular Shakey's Pizza chain.  This could be why "jojo" appears in the west
and not the east.
   I'll check "potatoes" info in the recently acquired Brownstone food
collection at NYU when I have time, in about three weeks.


   OED has "couch potato" from 1979.
   USPTO records show it was trademarked by Robert Armstrong of Dixon, CA,
with first use of July 15, 1976, and first use in commerce of April 20, 1977.



IF/WHEN SCOREBOARD UPDATE--David Shulman's radio interview aired last Sunday,
so strike that one off...I e-mailed Dell about my rebate (Customer Care
confuses you by using the word "credit" and never mentioning the word
"rebate").  I received a response just now--I was to receive a credit?  What
credit was I talking about?  DELL!!!!!  I WANT MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOT DOG--The New York Times ran a "hot dog" article on July 3rd.  The good
news is that it didn't mention the "TAD" hot dog story.  The bad news is that
this article is exactly like every single one that's been written for the
past 30 years, minus the TAD story.  And why DIDN'T it mention the TAD story?
 The Polo Grounds was in New York City.  TAD drews cartoons for a New York
City newspaper.  The thing was solved by an etymologist from New York.  Why
isn't my name mentioned in a single July 4th "hot dog" newspaper article,
anywhere, ever?

WINDY CITY & WASHINGTON POST--I wrote a letter to the editor of the
Washington Post that its "Windy CIty" explanation 6-23-02 was wrong.  I could
not possibly make up the information on the Library of Congress's web site.
My letter was not published.  On Saturday, I wrote to the ombudsman of the
Washington Post.  I received no response.  As I've said many times, I did my
"hot dog" and "Windy City" work over five years ago.  My total income to date
from this has been zero, I've not been on tv, I've not been on radio, and
I've won no awards.

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