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I seem to remember considering this for the Gage Canadian Dictionary
(copyright '83).  Skorts were a big fashion item in the 70s, with no
ref to cycling, and they weren't stretchy (don't think they made
"stretchy" back then, except for bathing suits); they were just a
short skirt attached to shorts or sometimes even just a front panel
open on one side, for the look of a wraparound skirt.  I can't really
remember why it didn't get entered, but it was most likely that we
didn't want to use precious space for ephemeral fashion terms.


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On Thursday, July 04, '02, Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:

>    From ALASKA AIRLINES magazine, July 2002, pg. 65, col. 2:
>    Another hot-seller for female mountain bikers is the
> flattering "skort,"
> which combines stretchy cycling shorts with a wraparound skirt.
>    There are many hits for "skort," but I did not see it in
> trademark
> records.  Google has it from 1992, with indicatings that it
> was used in
> cycling in the 1960s.
>    It's not in OED.

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