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> P.S.  What is the proper term for a cheerleader's skirt?  It has integral
> color-coordinated panties, so that the cheerleader can do cartwheels
> "safely", but I've never heard anyone refer to a "cheerleader's skort".

I'd call it a 'chearleader's skirt', but that's more about the length and
pleats than about the panties.

I don't know what you call the skirts with the panties built in, but the
panties themselves, i.e., panties that are colored and meant to be seen
when doing cartwheels etc. are called 'lollipops'.  I'm guessing that's a

Now, trying to find 'lollipop' by putting 'lollipop cheerleader panties'
into Google brings up a whole lot of borderline pedophilic stuff.  In most
cases, the 'lollipops' involved are not panties, but I do find a reference


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