Rick H Kennerly Rick at MOUSEHERDER.COM
Sat Jul 6 10:31:08 UTC 2002

Two surprises for me here.  First of all, I was surprised to see this used
by a mainstream US News & World Report writer as original text, not a quote.
The second was that I'd always heard and occasionally used "groady" or
perhaps "grody", I've never seen it in print, but wasn't aware it had made
it into mainstream usage (usage: cleaning the grease trap is pretty groady
work--possibly a coined word from gross and ???).   Am I just out of it?

Across town from Red Earth, in a grotty strip-mall bar surrounded by four
"gentlemen's clubs" and a bingo parlor, the members...

USN&WR, July 8-15, p. 27.

(BTW, I was aware of the computer command GROTTY in the GNU system of


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