Chutzpah, Shiva, Chanukkah, Schnorrer (YOUNG ISRAEL, 1873-1875)

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   Greetings from the Jewish Division of the NYPL.  I fly to Berlin for a discussion of the Wannsee Conference  & the Jewish Museum tour & to ask Sol Wachtler about "prosecuting a ham sandwich" in a few hours...Today's NY Post ( has on its front page a photo of the El Al LAX person who was murdered.  She was extremely beautiful.

   This was a monthly by Louis Schnabel.  Articles by Horatio Alger, Jr. appear in each issue.  Didn't David Shulman or anyone go through all this stuff about 40 years ago?  I just went through it, so I guess no one has?

January 1873, pg. 23:
(OED has 1893 for "Chanukkah" and M-W has 1864--ed.)

January 1874, pg. 31:
   ...took a little soap-dish from his knapsack, filled it with water from the cistern, and placed it in the oven close to the _kashar_ dishes, whence it was hastily removed by the trembling hostess who was far from wishing all her dishes to be made _trefa_.

January 1874, pg. 32:
   ...utensils for baking the _matzos_...

April 1874, pg. 231:
   "This time, good people, you have harbored a genuine _Meshumed_" (baptized Jew).

January 1875, pg. 11:
   What is _Campsor_? (...)
   Nor is it a Hebrew term, or one of that idiom peculiar to the German and Polish Jews--called _Judisch-Deutsch_.

January 1875, pg. 17:
(This is a story of Germany's Jews, and most of what follows are from various chapters of this work, unless otherwise indicated.  Is it in book form?--ed.)

January 1875, pg. 22:
   ..."and I live in Baker street; every one knew my nurse, who went _shnorren_ (begging) to support us; the people called her 'lame Babette.'"
(Many schnorrers are here.  OED has 1892 for "schnorrer," where it was of course coined by I. ZANGWILL--ed.)

May 1875, pg. 296 (Not BLIND MAIDEN--ed.):
   After the first part of the "Hagada" come the inevitable Pessa'h dumplings; and the _Afikoman_, which the child secretly pilfers from the father, and restores only for a promised gift, closes the meal.
(OED has 1891, then 1892 ZANGWILL for "afikoman"--ed.)

June 1875, pg. 344:
   "What a _Hutzpe_," (impertinence) thought Cuppel, "to call me son; I could be his father."
(OED has 1892 for "chutzpah," where it was coined by I. ZANGWILL--ed.)

June 1875, pg. 404:
   "_Sh'tuss_," cried Cuppel, "they will do nothing to you."
   " you Christians have inflicted so many _mackoth_ (blows) on the Jews, God has brought it about that you punish and torture each other, for we Jews are too powerless to revenge ourselves."

June 1875, pg. 405:
   "What a _Shidduch_," cried Cuppel contemptuously...

August 1875, pg. 466:
   "Ah," thought Cuppel, "I've hit at the first shot, the man is a _gannov_ (thief,) and is glad to have found an accomplice in me."
   "My, what _Stuss_," (foolishness), cried Cuppel, in astonishment...

August 1875, pg. 467:
   "What a pity," answered Cuppel, "at least I would have no care for _makkoth_ (blows) on my _shubbetz_ (kaftan)."
   "A nice _mishpa'ha_," cried Cuppel, quite enraptured.

September 1875, pg. 535:
   ..."they have set fire to the city, the _meshumodim_, and they are coming this way."

September 1875, pg. 540:
   "And where will you spend the _shiv'ah_?" (seven days of mourning) asked Cuppel.
(OED has 1892 for "shiva," where it was coined by I. ZANGWILL--ed.)

November 1875, pg. 658:
   For the rest, were I not a _Schnorrer_ by profession, you would have never discovered your Deborah, for only _schnorring_ strengthens the memory and makes people sharp, so that they always recognize a person they have once seen...

December 1875, pg. 734:
   And our old acquaintances, Cuppel and David, held the _Chuppa_ (tent) over the heads of the bridal pair as the Rabbi pronounced the blessing over them and united them for life.
(OED has 1876 for "chuppa"--ed.)


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