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> This seems to be yet another discussion that goes on for a while before
> someone bothers to look in OED or HDAS, but both of these sources record
> _grody_ (in various spellings) back to 1965 (HDAS copying from OED in
> this case), with numerous pre-Valley Girl examples.
> Jesse Sheidlower

Point, like, majorly taken. (And embrassingly so: I had the OED's 1968
Current Slang cite, albeit as 'groaty', on file, plus 1967 Wentworth and
Flexner.). The plot therefore thickens. Because as Sixties teens in the UK
we 'got' the Beatles and their supposed vocabulary before they hit the
States. And we knew 'grotty';, and _never_, ever _grody_, _groaty_ or any
other version. So: parallel/coincidental development?

Jonathon Green

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