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>   Greetings from Berlin and a crazy keyboard that switched the Y and Z, for
> example.

This is the standard German keyboard---my father told me about encountering
them back in World War II.  One might think the Germans redesigned it because
a "QWERTZ" keyboard sounded properly Teutonic, but in fact the letter "y" is
used in German only for foreign words whereas the letter "z" is quite common.
 Hence the Germans swapped the letters "y" and "z" for their convenience.

An even "crazier", but actually quite sane, keyboard is the one used on the
Enigma crypto machine the Germans misused in World War II.  The Enigma
encyphered only the twenty-six letters of the "Roman" (actually English)
alphabet, so it only had 26 keys, and the "y" and '"z" were reversed from the
American QWERTY standard.  However, there being no semicolon key, the
typist's right pinkie would be hanging in mid-air, so the Germans moved the
"p" key down from the top row to give that finger something to rest on.

Perhaps that change for the convenience of the pinkie was the origin of "pink

> July 6-7,  >  2002, pg. 20, col. 6:
>     Who is General Chang?  And isn't it kind of a weird honor to associate
> military leader with a member of the poultry family not generally known for
> its courage?  Would you want to be a soldier following General Chang into
> battle with the phrase "General Chang's chicken!" resonating in your mind?

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Subj:         Hollandaise Sauce (1828)
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(General Tso's Chicken):  Thanks for that article.  I hadn't forgotten about
Shun Lee Palace.  As I posted, there's someone who's collected thousands of
Chinese menus.  When I check out the collection, the menus will decide the

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Dave Barry (you should sue to make him change his name) is a complete and
utter rectum, who decided that the way to copy Fart Buchwald's success was to
copy Buchwald's arrogance.  The only thing I will grant him is his suggested
Christmas presents a few years ago, which who included industrial-size
toilet-paper rolls (the kind used at the New Jersey Turnpike rest stops) from
Ojserkis Paper and Janitor Supplies of Pleasantville, New Jersey.  The
Ojserkis (the "j" is silent) family, whom I am acquainted with, made a chunk
of money off this free advertisement.

         - Jim Landau

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