Love Parade; Cindy Adams column

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Thu Jul 11 07:00:23 UTC 2002

   Greetings from Berlin.  I leave for Vienna in about four hours.

LOVE PARADE--I'll miss the "Love Parade" of July 13.  This is the thirteenth year of the parade, and it's bigger than ever.  I don't know if it deserves an OED entry, but Google it for yourself.

FUCK PARADE--According to the EX-BERLINER: "Formerly known as the Hate Parade, it was launched in '97 as a counterdemo for those who thought the Love Parade was lame and overcommercial. (..) Check out"

CINDY ADAMS COLUMN, THURSDAY, 11 JULY--At  See her tagline, and if you ever meet her, YOU tell her that "Only in New York" was used in 1949!
   I'm glad she came here and reported on the conference, so that must be acknowledged above all else.  However, the column is incredibly bad.  We did not meet in a "15th-century building."  Constance Baker Motley was not present.  Simon Wiesenthal was not present.  Alice Gilbert I don't believe was present.  I don't think these names were even on the conference program!  It's not Hubert Okun, it's Herbert.  Gabriel Bach is a FORMER Israel supreme court judge.  And saying that "Anti-Semitism is alive and well here" is very misleading.  The new Jewish Museum has been a huge hit with the German public.  There's more sensitivity than ever before.  There will always be anti-Semitism, but the situation is a good deal better in Germany than in almost any other Euro country (say, France or Austria).
   Again, not good at all, but at least it wasn't another article on Gwyneth Paltrow.

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